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title: just right
rating: g
pairing: Jesse/Kouchi Yugo
word count: 772
beta: [personal profile] yomimashou
author's note: Jesse talked about how he wanted Yugo to take him on a drive in some magazine recently, and thus, this happened. These two might be super awkward, but they were totally made for one another. Written for shiritori at [ profile] writetomyheart!
summary:It's been an awfully busy day by the time Jesse finally finds a moment alone together with Kouchi.

Jesse can't help but laugh, too, can't help but feel bubbly and happy every time he sees Kouchi's face light up that way because of him. )
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title: Hold On
rating: pg
pairing: Kinzo/Shishimaru
warnings: vague mention of parental death, depictions of bullying
word count: 2,672
beta: [personal profile] yomimashou
author's note: Kinzo and Shishimaru give me all the feels, okay. ;__;
summary: Kinzo knows that somehow, he'll hold on for the both of them, he'll pull them both through.

The first time Kinzo sees Shishimaru, he's seven years old and struggling to put his world back together after, from his small vantage point, everything has been torn apart. )
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title: Let it Go
rating: pg
pairing: YamaChii
word count: 1,484
beta: [personal profile] yomimashou
author's note: This is seriously 0% inspired by the song, even if maybe Yamada really ought to learn to love himself ari no mama de XD;; Written for shiritori @ [ profile] writetomyheart
summary: He's been trying to do better these days about jumping to angry words before thinking, and while it feels like he's going to burst sometimes, the sensation of Chinen's hand lightly on his thigh under the table, letting him know that he's made the right choice, calms him down at least a little.

'He couldn't be a bunny.' )
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title: 相変わらず
rating: pg
pairings: Jinguji/Reia; background KishiFu
word count: 2,125
beta: [personal profile] yomimashou
author's note: What's this, another Jinguji and Reia fic? I, too, never change. Title is pronounce "aikawarazu" and mean something like "same as ever." Written for shiritori @ [ profile] writetomyheart~
summary: It's not like Jinguji is ever going to change, anyway.

'Never change, Jinguji.' )
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title: brave new world
rating: pg
pairings: Kinzo/Shishimaru; others if you want there to be
word count: 1,307
beta: [personal profile] yomimashou
author's note: First post movie fic… somehow turned out to be this |D;;; SPOILERS for the Kamen Teacher movie, but it's really a super minor thing, so don't be too worried if you do choose to read? It's literally the first thing that's said at the beginning of the movie, as a part of the exposition. For shiritori @ [ profile] writetomyheart
summary: But now Kinzo is out discovering a brave new world, and maybe, Shishimaru thinks, maybe it's time for him to do the same.

'He's M4,' Bon asserts,'So we've GOTTA make sure he's okay, right?' )
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title: The Best Medicine
rating: g
pairing: Miyachika Kaito/Iwahashi Genki
word count: 1,230
beta: [personal profile] yomimashou
author's note: Written for [ profile] britkit27's request in this meme! As such, it's a companion to It's hard to dance with a devil on your back and falling, meant to be read third, but I'm maybe hoping to put something in between the second installment and this.
summary: It's amazing just how much difference a little love can make.

It's really amazing, Genki thinks sometimes, how ill he manages to make himself before shows. )
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title: It's hard to dance with a devil on your back
rating: g
pairing: Iwahashi Genki→Miyachika Kaito
word count: 5,600
beta: [personal profile] yomimashou
author's note: Companion to falling meant to be read second, though honestly, I think it could stand alone. Title is from Shake It Out by Florence + the Machine, which is suggested listening while reading this. Some of the basis for this comes from this interview from Winkup~ This was originally for shiritori @ [ profile] writetomyheart, but holy crap it got long.
summary: Maybe Genki's being careless, but maybe for the first time in his whole, entire sixteen years of existence, he's found someone capable of chasing away the lowlight-reel and showing him that there are a few good things in his life, too.

Over and over again, Genki relives all of the stupid things he's done in his life; in the shower, on the train, lying in bed at night. )
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title: 愛及屋烏 (aikyuu okuu)
rating: g
pairings: Kishi/Fu (side Jinguji/Reia and Miyachika/Genki… and I guess Matsuda Genta→Yamada Ryosuke?)
word count: 2,626
beta: [personal profile] yomimashou
author's note: For the Tomochoco 2014 Challenge! The prompt was "61. Juniors have notebooks in which they write notes about choreography/stage movements/etc. A-kun’s notebook is filled with notes about B-kun instead." The title is a Japanese saying that roughly translates to "When you love someone you'll even love the bird on their roof," meaning that people often fall so in love with someone that they love everything about them, even really strange or extreme things. For [ profile] luna_truths, because she said her life needs more Kishi~
summary: Fu understands that Kishi doesn't have the emotional maturity yet to fully accept all of Fu's love, and he can wait, he can wait until the end of time for Kishi… but he has to get the feelings out somewhere, or he'll explode.

'That doesn't look like choreography notes~' )
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title: nightlight
rating: g
pairing: Matsumura Hokuto/Kikuchi Fuma
word count: 2,805
beta: [personal profile] yomimashou
author's note: For the Tomochoco 2014 Challenge! The prompt was "40. A-kun is sick, B-kun takes care of him." I basically had the exact same experience as Fuma recently, and I wish I'd had a personal Hokuto to take care of me… But! This is for [personal profile] yomimashou, who did her best to make sure I didn't die last week. ♥
summary: Fuma wakes up on the morning of February 14th with a 39.5 degree fever.

'I'm happy I can be strong for you sometimes, too.' )
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title: only you
rating: NC-17
pairing: Jinguji Yuta/Nakamura Reia (Fuma/Hokuto in passing)
warnings: 16-year-olds having sex (which is underage in Tokyo), mild ownership themes/kinks
word count: 6,380
beta: [personal profile] yomimashou
author's note: For the Tomochoco 2014 Challenge! The prompt was "29. A-kun pierces B-kun so everybody will know who he belongs to." Also, unfortunately, this isn't at all based in reality; as far as I know, Fuma still only has one piercing, sadly. Dedicated to [ profile] rikikomori, who inspired me to try my hand at porn again even though I've gotten rusty in the past few years!
summary: It's about trust, after all; Jinguji might be a self-centered nitwit at times, but Reia loves him, and at the end of the day, he does trust him, and he wants this, and that's what matters.

Reia knows something's up when Jinguji suddenly can't stop staring at Fuma one day in rehearsal. )
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title: falling
rating: pg
pairing: Iwahashi Genki→Miyachika Kaito
warning: Vague passing mentions of past bullying
word count: 3,011
beta: [personal profile] yomimashou
author's note: I over-identify with Genki liek woah. Written for shiritori @ [ profile] writetomyheart.
summary: But that's how it's always been, hasn't it? Genki comes up lacking in every field, and so there's really no reason for him to force his feelings or affections on anyone, and certainly, most of all, not on Miyachika.

It's not like he could say what he really wants to say, anyway. )
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title: no matter
pairing: Jinguji Yuta→Sato Shori; Jinguji Yuta/Nakamura Reia; Sato Shori→Nakajima Kento
raitng: pg
word count: 3,739
beta: [personal profile] yomimashou
author's note: I actually started writing this back before Jinguji's and Shori's birthdays… whoops. I really just like Jinguji and Shori's first meeting story, and wanted to build something off of that.
summary: Shori matters to Jinguji, matters more than anything, no matter how much he tries to deny it to himself.

Jinguji first meets Sato Shori on his thirteenth birthday. )
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title: words like those
pairing: Jinguji Yuta/Nakamura Reia
rating: pg
word count: 2,436
beta: [personal profile] yomimashou
author's note: The Japanese words that are italicized are also links, so hopefully nothing is unclear. ^^; I love this pair, but they're stupid teenagers, so… you can't expect them to be too mature? XD; Written for shiritori @ [community profile] writetomyheart~
summary: What he means is 'I love you,' but right here, right now isn't the time.

More rewarding than winning, whenever they're playing cards in the dressing room backstage between the matinee and the evening show, or else when they're not needed during a long tech rehearsal, is seeing the look on Jinguji's face when he wins a third game in a row and lights up like a Christmas tree, to Reia, at least. )
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title: Illumination
rating: pg
pairing: Satonaka Yuuki/Jinbo Makoto (Shiritsu Bakaleya Koukou)
word count: 4,330
beta: [personal profile] yomimashou
author's note: 1) Some of the basis for this fic can be found in an article from the July 2012 issue of Potato, which is translated in full here! It also relies on what was written in the original Bakaleya character bios, which were released in various magazines last April, in which it was said that Yuuki studied abroad in America, and on Yuuki and Makoto's interactions in the movie, in particular. 2) This fic might be a little confusing if the reader isn't familiar with Japanese Christmas pastimes, a description of which can be found here, though it doesn't mention illuminations, which in recent years have been a popular date spot among couples on Christmas
3) This was written for [ profile] je_holiday and posted here as a gift for [ profile] talisa_ahn!
summary: The lights are beautiful, Makoto has to admit, but more beautiful than the display is the way Yuuki's face lights up in their reflected radiance.

Yuuki and Makoto have been together almost a full year by the time their first Christmas rolls around. )
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title: home for the holidays
rating: g
pairing: Yamada Ryosuke/Chinen Yuri
word count: 620
beta: [personal profile] yomimashou
author's note: More Christmas fic XD For shiritori @ [ profile] writetomyheart!
summary: For everything they'd been through over the years, finally, now, to Chinen, everything feels perfect.

As he tightly shuts his eyes, Chinen can't help but grin just a little. )
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title: 'Tis the Season
rating: g
pairing: Takahashi Fu/Kishi Yuta
word count: 1,175
beta: [personal profile] yomimashou
author's note: Kishi is adorable. |D; I seriously love how faily and cute he is.
summary: Kishi is terrified of Christmas.

'The only thing I want for Christmas is you.' )
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title: to the freedom
rating: g
pairing: Jinguji Yuta/Nakamura Reia
warnings: depictions of somewhat unhealthy relationship tendencies
word count: 2,495
beta: [personal profile] yomimashou
author's note: I'm hoping these two grow up a little bit together as time goes on. By the way, Jinguji having a "smell fetish" is a real thing, I didn't make that up. He's also talked about it on Shounen Club. This was written for shiritori over at [community profile] writetomyheart!
summary: Reia's beautiful this way, clearly having the time of his life, but sometimes, when he flies off the ramp, it almost seems like he's going to fly away.

'Ever wonder what it would be like to run away together?' Reia asks one day. )
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title: Forgive and Forget
rating: pg
pairing: Funamoto Jun/Nakagawa Kenjirou (Hagiya Keigo and Yasui Kentaro's characters in Bad Boys J)
word count: 2,045
beta: [personal profile] yomimashou
author's note: Just saw the Bad Boy J movie again, and this happened. Written for shiritori at [ profile] writetomyheart
summary: Kenjirou thinks, maybe, in love (or whatever this is), it's best just to let the little things go.

'Forget it!' Kenjirou snaps. )
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title: never my love
rating: g
pairings: Hiro/Erika (Hashimoto Ryosuke and Triendl Reina's characters in Bad Boys J)
word count: 1,588
beta: [personal profile] yomimashou
author's note: I just saw the Bad Boys J movie, and it was lacking in Hiro and Erika funtimes, so I decided to make my own. No spoilers, so no worries! This was for shiritori over at [community profile] writetomyheart.
summary: Maybe it's stupid of her, but maybe she feels exactly the same way.

It's the Hiroshima Nights' year-end party, and everyone is in a good mood-- everyone, that is, except Erika. )


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